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MillBrook Resort’s Sweepstakes Is Easy To Enter And Even More Rewarding To Win

millbrook resort sweepstakesBy definition, a “sweepstakes” is the chance for the general public to get in on the opportunity to win something desirable free of charge. What sweetens the deals is that typically, no purchase is required for participants to get in on the action and respectable organizations will insist that purchasing a good or service isn’t going to increase your chances of winning. As recent MillBrook Resort Ohio reviews will show, this Ashtabula County landmark has certainly abided by such parameters in its own sweepstakes. Overall, the MillBrook Resort sweepstakes consists of a chance for participants to either win up to $25,000 that can be put towards a new recreational vehicle (RV) of the winner’s choosing or the enticing amount of up to $25,000 in cash. The only information you need to offer up is your name, address and phone number — so Ohio’s MillBrook Resort can contact you if you’re a winner – as well as stating if you already own an RV and explaining how you go camping. That’s it. Not bad, right? Those who’ve come to Ohio’s MillBrook Resort know that the sweepstakes is just one of the fun offerings that this campground spanning 120 acres offers, but it’s a popular one to get involved with.


Since we’ve explored what a sweepstakes is, let’s take a moment to clearly state what one isn’t. According to a Jan. 16, 2018 article from The Wilson Times newspaper of Wilson County, North Carolina, the community is currently grappling with so-called “internet cafes” where the misleading title has nothing to do with the ill-defined sweepstakes going on inside. In fact, what’s going on inside these hotly-debated facilities is nothing short of gambling on devices better suited for casino floors – not supposed coffee shops. There’s no debating that, despite marketing efforts, there are no sweepstakes being run behind the doors of these cafes.


Those who’ve entered the MillBrook Resort sweepstakes know that the ground rules, guidelines and possible winnings are straight-forward. There’s no game-of-chance aspect here, as MillBrook Resort Ohio reviews will show, and those who’ve frequently stayed with this facility that has been in operation since the early 1970s know that it’s just a feather in their cap. Whether you win up to $25,000 in cash or the same amount to be put toward the purchase of an RV, know that you can use those proceeds however you choose. However, after reading about the family-friendly amenities at MillBrook, we think you might want to give this operation a try.

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